We take the guesswork out of finding a therapist.

Unique in Seattle, Women’s Therapy Referral Service offers personalized assistance in finding a therapist. In these busy, stressful times, what often gets lost is real human connection. You deserve to take the time — to be thoughtful and thorough — to find the best therapist or counselor suited to your individual personality and situation.

All of our therapists are women, but we see adult individuals and couples of all genders.

What we Offer

  • Highly trained Seattle counselors & therapists
  • Individualized matching
  • Multiple referrals
  • In-person consultations

What you Receive

  • A thorough face-to-face assessment of your counseling needs
  • Information and guidance on how to interview prospective therapists
  • The opportunity to meet with three different therapists selected especially for your needs

When you enter psychotherapy, you form an important relationship built on trust with your therapist or counselor. The emotional and financial investment you make should be based on careful consideration. Because we recognize the client-therapist relationship as the primary predictor of successful therapeutic outcomes, we emphasize a good relationship match.  While we value people’s practical needs — such as insurance, location, and appointment time — we aren’t able to guarantee that these factors will be aligned.

“The referral process was exactly what I was looking for. When you’re in need of a therapist, it can be very overwhelming to distinguish one from the other in a long list from your insurance company. That process was made so much easier with the help of WTRS. Thank you!”

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