Our Services

Here is how our process works: our referral coordinator meets with you, provides information about therapy, helps you clarify your therapy needs, and offers guidance on how to effectively interview a therapist to make an informed choice. You’ll receive referrals to three well-matched therapists, then arrange in-person consultation meetings with each before selecting one.

Once you choose a therapist to work with, you and she can discuss a mutually agreeable arrangement regarding the fee for therapy. Fees range considerably by therapist, depending on degree or credentials, years of experience, and type of training.

Many of our therapists accept health insurance. Please note, however, that while health insurance can help offset the cost of therapy, sometimes there can be trade-offs in choice, flexibility, limits to kind or duration of treatment, and confidentiality. Your therapist can discuss her fees and insurance policies with you at your in-person consultation meeting.

“This completely shaped the path for me to get the support I need. This process would normally be overwhelming and this made it so easy.”