Our Philosophy

Women’s Therapy Referral Service provides personalized assistance, helping clients of all genders find the best therapist for their needs by drawing from a collective of experienced professionals. As a feminist organization, we advocate for and uphold the principles of intersectionality, inclusivity, and equity for our clients, our community, and society at large.

It can be a daunting task to find a psychotherapist or counselor who’s the best fit for your particular needs. Shopping for the right counselor takes a commitment of time, energy and money, but we can make it easier.

Satisfying therapy depends on a trusting relationship between you and your therapist; research shows that this is the single most important factor in successful therapy. Our personalized matching is based on your unique needs and equips you to confidently choose who becomes this important partner.

The pages About Psychotherapy, Credentials, and Interviewing a Therapist contain more information to assist your search and help you make an educated and thoughtful choice.

“It was a great process. The interviews helped me zero in on what feels best for my needs at this moment. I feel much more informed now as to what possibilities/range of experiences can exist in therapy, and more empowered to navigate those options, both now and in the future.”