We ask people who use our service to give us feedback. Here are real quotes from real clients.

“ I am extremely confident in the referral process of the Women’s Therapy Referral Service! I was given three high quality and relevant referrals [and] felt that I could’ve worked with any of these therapists. However, this process empowered me to proactively determine the best fit for my needs at this time. ”

“ Had a choice of therapists of different approaches, but all qualified and competent. The interview process was invaluable. The referral service also narrowed down, knowledgeably, a large universe of therapists in the Seattle area. ”

“ I appreciated the opportunity to meet with 3 different therapists for an affordable rate and take ownership in the process. I also found it helpful to be coached about what types of questions to ask and what to consider before, during and after each interview. ”

“ Love it! Very applicable to the modern age of having way too many options and not knowing where to go for best help. ”

“ Thrilled. I got the chance to meet individually with the three therapists AND all for the price of what one visit would normally cost. ”

“ I think it is a great service, it really made going back into therapy at a very difficult time for me, much easier… All were really responsive, sensitive & intelligent—I could have worked with any of them, I feel, very successfully. Thank you! ”

“ I feel that this service was of great value. I think it gives the client an opportunity to really compare similarities and differences between options, and gives the client a little more power in guiding the discussion. ”

“ It was immensely helpful for me to meet with all three of them. I appreciated having spent time with [the coordinator] to better understand how to assess my interactions with each therapist; it gave me a good basis for comparison. ”

“ When I explain it to my friends in other parts of the country, they all wish they had the same service available. ”

“ The referral process not only offered me tailored counseling options, but [the coordinator] also gave advice about how to establish the foundations of good communication with my counselor. ”

“ The process was very informative, helpful and I’d recommend it to everyone. Three choices were enough to make an informed decision. I felt like all three recommendations were very different and that helped me make a choice that worked best for me. I felt like Goldilocks but got to stay in the comfiest chair! ”