Psyching the Zeitgeist:
Current Culture Through a Mental Health Lens

Juggling Childcare and Careers: Motherhood in COVID

Women have fought hard for their place in the workforce, which is why the challenges of COVID-19 are landing a particularly painful blow. In her article “The Motherhood Recession,” Carol Sankar explains how the impact of COVID-19 is pulling women back from being able to focus on their careers to – once again – juggling full time… Read More

Mindfulness Through Catastrophe

In the past few months, I have sat with the idea that it’s an interesting time to be alive. With both COVID-19 and the current political climate, there is a lot going on in the background on any given day. Even if one doesn’t have diagnosed mental health issues, it can have an effect on how we… Read More

How to Cope with the Layers of Loss the Coronavirus Brings

Loss comes in all shapes and sizes. This is being felt on a collective level as we all grapple with the unfolding impacts of the Coronavirus. As we try to adapt to the changes around us, here is a helpful guide for working with our experiences of loss.

“The Brave Ones”: Empowering Women in Zimbabwe to Fight Poachers

It’s easy to feel discouraged about saving wildlife and our planet in this era of ecological crisis. That’s why the story of the Akashinga—which means “the brave ones” in the Shona language–is so timely and inspiring. The Akashinga is a nonprofit, armed, all-female, anti-poaching unit. The women patrol Zimbabwe’s Phundundu Wildlife Area, where thousands of elephants have… Read More

Can Weather Bring Us Together? How Chats About the Weather May Be Emotionally Regulating

It happens every year in Seattle. The big yellow orb in the sky crawls out from its 10-month sabbatical and shines brilliantly on all below. People who normally wouldn’t even look at each other as they pass on the street not only glance up, but…smile! Almost every conversation on those days starts with, “Isn’t it a beautiful… Read More

It’s Time for Some Inequality Therapy

In a hyper-capitalist world where advertising and financial pressures channel the drive for status into an obsession, no one can really win – even those who appear to have it all. Commerce infiltrates even the language we use to describe our deepest concerns: am I worth it? Am I valued? Do I count? … it is high time for… Read More

The Poetry of Nayyirah Waheed

I often find it difficult to find words to describe the joys and struggles of living this life; at these times, words fail me.  When this happens – which is often –  I rely on metaphor and poetry because it captures the nuances of emotion in a way that prose cannot. I love Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry and little… Read More

Dogs and people

I am a cat person. I am, however, increasingly appreciative of the many qualities that dogs bring to their human companions. In ‘Dogs’, Netflix’s new documentary series, we see six stories centered on how dogs and people change each other’s lives. The first episode, ‘The Kid with the Dog’, focuses on service dogs who are trained to… Read More

The Unthought Known and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

In a recent piece on Crosscut, (“Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the psychology of buried trauma“), Seattle writer and psychotherapist Carol Poole discusses Dr. Ford’s powerful testimony through the lens of traumatic experience and how it impacts the brain.  She notes that once we understand the neurobiology of trauma, we’re able to make sense of Dr. Ford’s incomplete memories… Read More