First Steps

To get started, contact our referral coordinator, who will answer your questions and, when you’re ready, schedule an appointment for an information and matching session. She can be reached by email.


When you meet with our coordinator, she will provide you with information about therapy, help you clarify your therapy needs, and give you guidance on how to effectively interview a therapist to make an informed choice. She will match you with two to three therapists from our network, who you will then contact to arrange an initial interview. (For information about our therapists, click here)

Currently, we are offering this normally in-person process by phone and telehealth, and our therapists offer virtual sessions.

Our fee for the information and matching session and three therapist interviews—a total of up to four hours consultation time—is $200 ($10 courtesy discount if paid by cash/check). A sliding scale is available.

When contacting Women’s Therapy Referral Service, here is some information to help you to navigate your experience:

  • While the therapists at Women’s Therapy Referral Service identify as women, we serve clients of all genders.
  • Our referral process is now 100% virtual. Initial referral meetings with the Referral Coordinator last approximately 30 minutes and are conducted via Zoom. Your consultations with the therapists that you are paired with are also conducted virtually and typically last 30-45 minutes.


  • Since our therapists run their own private practices and some take insurance and some do not, we cannot guarantee a match based on insurance. We match our clients for the best therapeutic fit with the therapists, who are part of our cooperative organization.


  • Prior to scheduling a referral meeting, please be sure that you can meet the following parameters: 
  1.                You have flexibility to schedule daytime appointments 
  2.                You have the ability to pay for therapy out-of-pocket (see above) 
  3.                You are requesting services for yourself
  4.                You live in Washington State 
  • Once a referral meeting is scheduled, we request a $100 non-refundable deposit. The full referral fee is $200, and this $100 deposit will be applied toward the full referral fee. Since the referral meeting is for information gathering rather than a counseling session, it is not covered by insurance.
  • We ask our clients to move through the process (referral meeting, scheduling and meeting with therapist referrals, arriving at a therapist decision) in 2 weeks or less.