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The Poetry of Nayyirah Waheed

I often find it difficult to find words to describe the joys and struggles of living this life; at these times, words fail me.  When this happens – which is often –  I rely on metaphor and poetry because it captures the nuances of emotion in a way that prose cannot.

I love Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry and little meditations, which challenge, instruct and comfort me. I often read her and say, “Yes, exactly that!”.

Here is just a taste:

You will be lost, and unlost, over
and over again, relax love.  You
were meant to be this glorious.
Epic. Story.


become intimate with your fears. listen
to them. sit cross legged. give them
your undivided attention…offer them
comfort. offer them rest.


stay soft. it looks beautiful on you.


I hope Nayyirah may be company for you when words fail you too. You can follow her wisdom and kindness on Instagram.

by Sara Oldham 

Posted on January 11, 2019
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