Psyching the Zietgeist:
Current Culture Through a Mental Health Lens

Life at Amazon

Last weekend’s New York Times article on the demanding workplace culture at Amazon has sparked intense discussion across digital and traditional media. As someone who helps people looking for therapy, I’ve heard many stories from stressed-out Amazon employees struggling to fit into what they experience as a hyper-competitive, sometimes aggressive environment and keep some semblance of balance to their lives. Whether you’re a satisfied Amazon customer, hate the company’s giant footprint on Seattle, or fall somewhere in between, the article raises important questions about what it means to work in our new economy, how we live our values and envision our community, and how well we’re able to sustain a balanced quality of life.

Though many who’ve worked at Amazon have had a negative experience, others have more positive opinions about their employer. Click here to see some of the feedback the Times received about the article.

by Judy Koven