Understanding Your Dreams

by Mary Newbill, MA

For centuries, dreams have been a source of mystery, confusion, and clarity. Even though many individuals don’t remember their dreams, research has shown that we all dream and that dreaming is essential to maintaining mental health.

Understanding your dreams can bring profound guidance and clarity to your life. Schools of psychology and folklore have developed ways of understanding dreams that include looking for feeling tones, themes, puns, topdogs and underdogs. You can even dialogue with dream characters.

Some dreams seem to be merely an aimless sorting out of feelings from waking life. Others bring together images that give the dreamer a feeling of clarity or certainty. Recurring dreams gain importance as the unconscious continues to knock on the door to consciousness. Nightmares and shocking dreams call attention to feelings that may be hidden during waking life.

It’s best not to assume that we have the total meaning of a dream when we have one interpretation. Dreams, like ourselves, are multifaceted. Keeping yourself open to the mystery of your dreams brings greater insight and awareness over time.

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